10 Years Warranty

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Here at English Royal Mattress, we aim to provide our customers with the best experience we can. This of course includes protecting your recent purchase for up to 10 years where the following terms and conditions apply.

English Royal Mattress 10-year warranty refers to certain issues with the dimensional stability and durability of the mattress core. English Royal Mattress warranty covers a defective English Royal Mattress that is the result of production damage or faulty workmanship/materials. In addition, English Royal Mattress warrants any cracks, dents, or damage to the springs which have arisen despite proper use and handling. The warranty is valid from the date you receive your new English Royal Mattress, and is valid for the first 10 years of use. This means, that if the issue(s) previously stated is(are) raised to English Royal Mattress through our email (info@englishroyalmattress.com) within 10 years of the receipt of the mattress, at English Royal Mattress discretion, the mattress will be replaced.

This warranty is non-transferable to other products or consumers. Thus, solely the original purchaser of the mattress is entitled to any warranty covered by English Royal Mattress. This warranty applies solely to the mattress, not including any additional accessory products purchased . This warranty is only valid for those English Royal Mattress customers whom use the product for personal consumer use. If the mattress is resold to a secondary consumer by the original one, English Royal Mattress is not held responsible for any damage to the product, whether through normal use or otherwise. In order to apply for a warranty claim, English Royal Mattress may require that the consumer provide proof of purchase, including the date of purchase on the mattress. If proof of purchase and/or original legal tags are lost within the 10-year timeline, English Royal Mattress holds no responsibility to replace said product.

This warranty applies only to mattresses found to be defective despite normal use within the home. Specifically, the English Royal Mattress warranty does not cover the use of the mattress for a medical patient of any kind.

To further define the terms of “damage” during “normal use or faulty production,” the English Royal Mattress warranty covers indentations that are greater than 1.5 inches when compared with the surrounding mattress area that permanently do not return to their normal height after the release of pressure. Such measurements must be conducted when the mattress is on a flat surface. In addition, any cracks that arise in the mattressdespite proper use and handling are covered by the warranty within the 10-year time period. It is at English Royal Mattress discretion to determine if such damage was reasonably the result of normal use and/or production faults.

The English Royal Mattress mattress warranty also requires that the mattress be laid upon a flat surface during use. This is recommended on our website for optimal comfort and practicality but is required for application of warranty.

English Royal Mattress holds the right to ask for proof of damage along with application of warranty. This proof can include, though is not limited to photos of the damage in such a way that there is little to no reasonable doubt of the extent of the damage. The warranty shall not apply if English Royal Mattress determines that the damage is the result of misuse or neglect. Thus, English Royal Mattress shall reasonably make such determination if damage such as but not limited to odors, burns, cuts, infestation, or bodily fluids are present at the time of the application of warranty.

If the warranty application is approved, English Royal Mattress will replace the mattress, free of charge to the original purchaser. English Royal Mattress will not repair the old mattress in any way. The product will be replaced with the same model (as long as that model remains in production), and no upgrades will be made/offered. Shipping of the new English Royal Mattress and pick-up of the damaged Englis Royal Mattress will be the responsibility of English Royal Mattress and complementary to the original purchaser.

The cover of the English Royal Mattress is warranted for 10 years, assuming normal use. Thus, any use deemed to be abnormal and/or neglectful will not be covered by the warranty. If the application of warranty is approved, English Royal Mattress will replace the cover, free of charge to the original purchaser.

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