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Covering more than 23% of the world’s land mass, the British Empire was once the largest empire the world has ever seen. Britain, which has gathered many cultures throughout history, has been the place where the world-famous British mattress culture developed with its silks brought from the Silk Road, cashmere from India and the world’s best sheep wool produced in the Yorkshire region.

Bed culture in Britain has turned into an art, especially in the Yorkshire region, and the world’s highest quality mattresses have begun to be made. These mattress became known as the Royal Mattress, when the British Kings and Queens gifted them to the heads of states under the umbrella of the British Empire.

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Tradition From Generations

In 1895, William Richard, who was also a farmer in Yorkshire, started to make mattress and quilts from the wool he obtained from the sheep he raised. Her biggest assistant was her wife Elizabeth, who carefully sewed all the mattresses and quilts. William, who started to work in the attic of the house, turned a part of the barn into a workshop as the demand increased over time and named its products the Royal Mattress, known by the public.

Driving Industry Trends

Handmade mattress in small workshops have continued from generation to generation and the Royal Mattress manufacturing has turned into a more mass production factory in Yorkshire in 1972. But even in the mass production system, it never compromised that the mattress was hand sewn by very experienced craftsmen.

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