Experience the perfect & most natural sleep

Would you like to sleep in a top quality, handmade, the most natural & comfortable English mattress that does not contain toxic chemicals?

High-End Natural Matress

Our beds are made of the highest quality materials without sacrificing their naturalness.

These are better for your health

Some chemicals used in the manufacture of mattresses made of synthetic materials can cause health problems. That’s why we use natural materials.

English Tradition

Producing the world’s most comfortable, best quality and healthiest mattresses by hand is a English tradition we are proud of.

You deserve a Royal Sleep

Our mattresses developed according to the highest standards are at your service for you to have a healthy and wonderful sleep experience.

We only focused on the mattresses

Blurb_101 33 Days Sleeping

33 Night Trial

Get it by trying. Try your natural Royal Bed for 33 nights without risk.


10 Years Warranty

Your handmade Royal mattress has 10 years warranty.

Blurb_111 Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Your high-end Royal mattress will be delivered to your address, free.


Natural Fillings

We use the highest quality natural materials in the purest form on natural fillings.


Chemical Free

We never apply chemical treatments on natural fillings and mattress surfaces.



The world’s best mattresses produce handmade by the best British masters.


Two Sided

You can use the both side of it. It is recommended that to turn the mattress every 6 months.


Pocket Springs

The best mattresses have at
least 1000 springs. All of our
mattresses have 2000 springs.


Micro Pocket Springs

Individual micro pocket springs react to the pressures exerted by each part of the body.


Best Materials

The highest quality wool, cashmere & silk products are used in Royal mattress.


Any Size

We are the manufacturer; We can easily produce the beds in the sizes you want.

We provide every customer with the most comfortable, natural and elegant mattress that can be produced with pure materials.

English Royal Narural Mattress Hand Made 900x1350 2

Some of the vital physiological repairs required for a person to stay healthy and live well can only be performed during a quality sleep. We offer an extraordinarily luxurious sleeping system that combines the highest level of ergonomics with the comfort of 100% natural materials with our bespoke, handmade mattresses.


Our only goal is to always produce the best mattress in the world. For this, we always use the best natural fillers, no matter how hard it is supplied. We follow all new technologies that do not harm your health and naturalness and apply the beneficial ones. To ensure that the quality of our mattresses is superior class, they are hand made by the best British masters.

English Royal Narural Mattress Hand Made 30

The Highest Quality

Quality English Royal Mattress 900x800 4

The Priority

Our first priority and business tradition is to always use the most natural, healthiest, most comfortable and highest quality materials. Your health and comfort are our main criteria in mattress design.

Best Materials English Royal Mattress

Best Materials

We only use top quality 100% natural materials such as wool, cashmere, silk and horsehair (as optional) in our mattresses. Memory foams, synthetic fibers and latex cause overheating and deterioration over time, so we never use them.

Quality English Royal Mattress 900x800 1

100% Handmade

Most of the beds are fixed on the sides with glued layers. Our mattress pads are attached to the surface of the mattress and hand sewn by English craftsmen to provide even weight distribution and superior support.

All Natural

100% Natural English Royal Mattress Best

Pure Naturalness

We only use top quality 100% natural materials  such as wool, cashmere, silk and horsehair (opt.) as filling in our mattresses. Memory foams, synthetic fibers and latex cause overheating and deterioration over time, so we never use them.

English Royal Mattress Chemical Free 900x800

Chemical Free

We do not use chemical, adhesive or synthetic foam in our beds. We make sure that the springs and filling materials used in our beds are not harmful to health. In addition, the fire resistance of the fabrics used in our mattresses has been provided by natural processes.

Mattress cross section English Royal Matress 12500 WxH 900x800


Our mattresses have non-carcinogenic main springs of different hardness. Around this are thousands of micro springs and high-quality fillings made of the finest natural materials.  We are proud to display the interior of our mattresses.

The Most Advanced Technologies

Pocket Springs English Royal Mattress

Pocket Springs

We can produce in different diameters in main springs and obtain special mattress hardnesses for you. The right support has a positive effect on sleep patterns and comfort. The more personalized this support, the better your sleep quality.

Miceo Pocket Springs English Royal Mattress

Micro Pocket Springs

Micro springs other than pocket springs used in mattress are used: Micro springs touch all parts of your body, provide full shock absorber and an ultra comfortable sleep.

Fire Retardant English Royal Mattress

Fire Retardant

Unlike many other manufacturers that add chemicals to make the surface flame retardant, our high-quality woven fabric has a chemical-free surface combined with natural materials with naturally flame-retardant properties.

Handmade Mattress Hierarchy

No 1. Royal 12,500

The best mattress of ultimate high-end class. It has 2,000 main and 10,500 micro springs. It contains wool, cashmere and silk as filling. Optionally, dehumidifying horse hair can be added to the filling.

No 2. Royal 9,000

The best price-performance value in ultimate high-end class. It has 2,000 main and 7,000 micro springs. It contains wool, cashmere and silk as filling. Optionally, dehumidifying horse hair can be added to the filling.

No 3. Royal 5,500

The entry level mattress of ultimate high-end class.  It has 2000 main and 3,500 micro springs. It contains wool, cashmere and silk as filling. Optionally, dehumidifying horse hair can be added to the filling.

Options & Accessories

Zipped Pair

Instead of synthetic foams that are vacuumed and packaged in small sizes, we use strong, long-lasting metal springs with different hardness levels at the center of our high quality handmade mattresses, as we give priority to your health. That’s why our mattresses cannot be folded. If the mattress you choose is wider than 150 cm, it can be purchased in the form of 2 mattresses fixed with a zipper. Thus, it will be much more comfortable to both pass through small doors and move. Moreover, the hardness degree of each mattress can be chosen differently in the 2-piece selection. Partners can enjoy perfect sleep in their beds of different hardness levels.

Zip Pair English Royal Mattress 2


3 hardness levels can be selected for our mattresses, soft, medium and hard. If you prefer to buy our mattresses wider than 150 cm as two separate mattresses fixed to each other with a zipper, you can choose each half with different hardness levels. In this way, partners sharing the same bed can provide the most perfect sleep conditions with different mattress hardnesses.


You can add horse hair to the natural filling materials of your mattress. Your mattress absorbs moisture perfectly and brings temperature control to the highest level, with perfect condition horse hairs that are perfectly cleaned with steam without the use of chemicals.

Top Pillow

The ultimate comfort layer of your English Royal Mattress. It is designed to distribute and minimize pressure points, regulate temperature and improve blood circulation and excellent sleep quality. Unlike products with similar names on the market; Top pillow contains an additional 4000 micro springs.
*Top Pillow also can be purchased separately (For your existing mattress)

The Most Advanced Technologies English Royal Mattress TP 1

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Need Something More Custom? You Dream It, We’ll Build It. 

We can produce the beds in the sizes you want, handmade with the fillings you want. We do not have any geometry, material or feature limitations in our special productions. You can contact our experts for the special mattress of your dreams.

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