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All mattresses we produce are handcrafted by skilled and experienced British craftsmen using high quality natural filling materials. Our only goal is to provide our valued customers with the most natural, healthiest and the best sleep experience for a lifetime.

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  • Natural Fillings

  • Chemical Free

  • Best Materials

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Hand Made

  • Pocket Spring

  • Micro Pocket

  • Any Size

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01 - Spring

The basic element supporting the body in a bed is the main springs, called pocked springs. Long-lasting springs whose hardness can be selected during production” are used in our Royal mattresses. To spread the body weight even more perfectly, our Royal mattress also has layers of thousands of micro springs around the main springs. These micro springs are placed as layers between the natural materials used for filling. The top models use more micro springs.


02 - Fillings

On the lower and upper sides of the main (pocket) springs that spread the load created by your body weight, there are filling materials in layer by layer with micro springs. When choosing a mattress, this is perhaps the place where you should pay attention to your health. Fillers used in the mattress should be natural and not chemically treated. Different filling types have advantages in terms of temperature control, softness, longevity and dehumidification capacity.


03 - Hand-made

When purchasing a mattress, you want a 100% healthy and high quality sleeping surface that you can rely on for years. In most so-called modern beds, the layers are fixed usingglue! In contrast, in our handmade mattresses, the padding is rope attached to the surface of the mattress and hand sewn by our English craftsmen to create tightly packed tufts that hold the layers securely in place to provide even distribution and premium support.

More Than Sleep…

Let Royal Mattress take you on a personal voyage. Browse through our collections of beautiful and natural mattresses, designed to appeal to everyday lifestyles and built to provide ultimate relaxation, comfort and the perfect sleep.

Question & Answer

Q: Why is English Royal Mattress sold online?

English Royal Mattress is also a well-established and very old manufacturer, but it works hard to adapt to today's conditions. It renews itself. Similar British Mattress brands are sold only by appointment and at a very high price. However, in today's technology, everything is online. And no one has time to make an appointment and try a mattress. As English Royal Mattress, we offer you the chance to choose online, purchase, free delivery, 33 days trial period, and all kinds of services. So you don't have to go from store to store and make a mattress selection without knowing what you will come across.English Royal Mattress customer satisfaction is 100%

Q: What is the difference between a firm and a soft mattress?

A: Firm mattresses provide more support and are better for those who prefer sleeping on their back or stomach, while soft mattresses offer more cushioning and are ideal for side sleepers.

Q: What is the best type of mattress for back pain?

A: A mattress with lots of springs will provide much more support for your waist, the mattress will keep your body balanced and prevent the mattress from collapsing.

Normal mattress has maximum 2000 pocket springs, English Royal Mattress 5500 - 5500 contains pocket springs.

Q: Is Top Pillow Necessary ?

Top pillow is a mattress on its own, but it is a mattress with natural filling that provides extra comfort. If the mattress you are using is not natural or you do not need to change the mattress yet, you can provide naturalness and comfort with Top pillow on the mattress.

Q: The mattress I use is old, can I put it on the Top Pillow?

A:Yes, you can provide naturalness and comfort by placing a Top Pillow on your old mattress.

However, remember that the top pillow will take shape according to your mattress, that is, if the old mattress is too collapsed in the middle, it will not flatten it. In this case, it is a better solution to change your mattress.

Q:Does the bed have to be new to install an English Royal mattress?

A: No, English Royal Mattress is a full option bed. It is both fully natural and fully comfortable. Therefore, it does not matter whether the bed is wooden, concrete, iron or even on the floor. You can use it on any surface. (Not wet surfaces)

Q: Which English Royal Mattress mattress is right for me?

A: English Royal Beds are all suitable for you, they all contain natural filling. As the number of springs inside increases (5500-6000-9000-12500 pocket springs), the natural filling also increases. The bed with the highest number of springs is the most comfortable. You can decide this according to the comfort you want.

Q:My bed has a different design and size, I don't know which mattress is suitable for me.

We are a manufacturer that works completely customized. We produce in all sizes. If you send us a picture of your bed, our experts will examine it and recommend the most suitable one for you and find a solution.

Q: I use a memory foam mattress, does a natural mattress provide the same comfort?

We would like to explain this with this example. Sports shoes are made of foam, you wear them and start running, but at the end of the day you hurt your feet because your feet are unhealthy in a chemical shoe.

Healthy shoes are leather shoes, but they are not for running but for healthy walking.

English Royal Mattress provides the health of leather shoes with its natural filling and the comfort of sports shoes with its many springs.

However, it is not as flexible as natural filled memory foam. It provides the healthy comfort it should.

Q: I received the English Royal Mattress today but I did not sleep very comfortably!!!

When you purchase a new pair of shoes, it often takes 4-5 days for them to properly fit your feet. Similarly, the mattress you have been sleeping on for 5-10-15 years has molded to your body over time, making it feel comfortable and familiar despite its age and wear. 

It may take a few weeks for your body to adjust to a new mattress, so please be patient and do not panic. Give yourself some time, and you will eventually experience the comfort and pain-free sleep you desire. If you still feel there is an issue, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Q: I want a 2 person mattress, should I buy 1 large mattress or 2 zippered mattresses?

English Royal Mattress is quite heavy due to its natural filling and large number of feet. We recommend that it has 2 single zippers for both carrying and for you to be able to easily attach the mattress cover.

Q: We want a double bed, but I weigh 60 kg and my partner weighs 130 kg, how can we find a solution?

We produce 2 separate mattresses and adjust them according to your weight. And we connect them with a zipper in the middle. In this way, you will never disturb each other while sleeping.

Q: Are all Foam (Latex,memory Foam...) mattresses produced chemically?

Regrettably, most mattress materials are chemically produced, including memory foam, PU foam, SD foam, Hybrid foam, Gel Foam, and Latex, all of which contain chemical blends. The only exception is 100% natural latex, which is free from chemicals. However, the lifespan of 100% natural latex is limited to around 2 years, after which it may begin to dry out and flake. To prolong its durability, a chemical mixture is often applied to the natural latex.

Q: Is a Water Bed/Mattress or Memory Foam Healthy?

A:The water bed is an old system that conforms to the shape of your body and attempts to regulate body temperature by heating the water from below. Essentially, your body adjusts its natural temperature based on the bed, which can disrupt the body's balance. 

Subsequently, memory foam was developed to counteract impacts in space studies where gravity is absent. Memory foam provides initial comfort as it molds to your body, but over time, it may restrict airflow to certain parts of your body and, being a chemical material, can cause you to sleep hot and sweat, thereby disrupting your body's equilibrium and skeletal structure. However, it may be used as a temporary solution for elderly patients.

Q: I smell a little wool in the mattress, is this normal?

"When you buy tomatoes from the market that are grown in a greenhouse, they may look perfectly shaped but lack in flavor and aroma due to not being grown naturally. On the other hand, field-grown tomatoes may not be as uniform in shape but are known for their delicious taste and wonderful smell, thanks to being grown naturally.

Similarly, ERM mattresses are filled with completely natural materials like wool, which may have a slight smell initially. However, this natural scent will not harm you; instead, it can enhance your sleep quality and help promote the production of natural melatonin. After 3-4 days of using your new mattress, you may find yourself eagerly looking forward to bedtime each evening."

Q: How do I clean my mattress?

A: To clean your mattress, you can vacuum it regularly, spot clean stains with a mild detergent, and air it out in the sun to freshen it up.

  • Firmness

    Soft Medium or Medium Firm.If choose 2 different hardness levels. In this way, partners sharing the same bed can provide the most perfect sleep conditions with different mattress hardnesses.

  • Zipper System

    Please choose 2 mattresses larger than 160cm.It will provide ease of transportation and mattress maintenance.It will be very easy to combine and separate with the zipper.

  • Customize

    Personalized Products Tailored to Your Unique Measurements.

    All our products are custom made for each person, so we can produce them in any size you want.

  • Horse Hair

    Your mattress absorbs moisture perfectly and brings temperature control to the highest level, with perfect condition horse hairs that are perfectly cleaned with steam without the use of chemicals.

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Prevention of Animal Cruelty

All our wool is sourced from either England or New Zealand.

"The Uk and Nz have the highest standards of any countries in the world when it comes to prevention of animal cruelty"

The reason our supplier uses both countries is due to seasonality

(6 months from UK, 6 months from Nz).

We only buy natural products from

NBF (National Bed Federation) affiliated suppliers who have their own audits to ensure compliance.

NBF - National Bed Federation

Every Approved NBF Member bed manufacturer has undergone rigorous independent auditing to ensure they comply with UK regulations on flammability, cleanliness of fillings and genuine product descriptions.So what that means for you is you can buy with confidence, knowing that what you’re buying is SAFE,CLEAN and EVERYTHING IT CLAIMS TO BE.



If you are far from the ERM showroom, we can offer a free gift option of a 50 x 50 cm sample mattress.

We send you an exact copy of the mattress you purchased, you can test it as you wish, then you can use it as a pouffe in your bedroom, living room, or children's room.

Without any shipping fee, only the amount specified as a deposit is collected, when your order is fulfilled, this amount is deducted from your order total and returned to you.